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Energy & Recovery foods

At Bike Chain Ricci we know and understand the importance of nutrition when excercising. We have one of the largest selections of Nutrition products available for you to choose from including Science in Sport, Torq, CNP and OTE.

Our expert staff will guide you through the different options and what each product does, and more importantly why you need it.

Throughout the year we will also be holding open evenings and supporting events with our products. Keep an eye on our events page and social media.


Limited special offer, spend over £10 on Science in Sport and we'll send you a free box of Pineapple Gels. When they;re gone they're gone.

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  1. SIS Go Electrolyte Drink...

    SIS Go Electrolyte Drink Powder

    From £1.20

    A carbohydrate energy fuel with electrolytes that puts back in what you take out whilst exercising in the heat Balanced electrolytes optimize hydration by driving the desire to drink water, thus preventing hyponeutremia Multiple energy substrates will maximise fuelling of muscle and liver and provide sustained energy Offers real performance benefits, making it significantly better than water...

  2. NUTRI SIS Go-Bar App-Black 65g

    NUTRI SIS Go-Bar App-Black 65g


    A nutritious high energy snack that is ideal for athletes and people with active lifestyles Best suited for pre- or post-training; ideal for multi-day events High carbohydrate snack sourced from oats, rice, corn, and real fruit, providing a consistent energy release; the oats also provide a good source of soluble fibre Low in fat: GO Bars typically contain less then 2 g of fat per 65 g bar...

  3. SIS PSP22

    SIS PSP22

  4. NUTRI SIS PSP22 Original 500g

    NUTRI SIS PSP22 Original 500g

    From £1.35

    The ideal choice to give you extra energy during exercise PSP22 Energy is designed to give a fast and sustained energy boost, yet it is easy to drink and is light on the stomach The high specification of maltodextrin used has over 90% glucose polymers, resulting in a low osmotic pressure even at high concentrations Can also be used as a tool to carbohydrate load before events, or to assist...

  5. SIS Go-Gels

    SIS Go-Gels


    An isotonic energy gel with a unique formulation that allows athletes to absorb significant carbohydrate without compromising hydration requirements Easy to use and digest, making it the ideal emergency energy boost to get you to the finish or back home Each 60 ml sachet of fast-flow energy contains 22 g of carbohydrate energy, which is enough for 20-30 minutes of exercise The...

  6. SIS REGO Recovery Sports...

    SIS REGO Recovery Sports Fuel - 50g Sachet - Strawberry

  7. Science In Sport Go Hydro...

    Science In Sport Go Hydro Tablet


    When you need hydration with virtually no calories GO Hydro contains precise levels of sodium and other electrolytes to hydrate you during intense exercise Now with added 75 mg caffeine per tablet to give you that mental boost when fatigue starts to set in

  8. SIS Gel Multipacks

    SIS Gel Multipacks


Showing 1 - 8 of 8 records.

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