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Portreath is a small fishing village on the north Cornwall coast and the name of the village means ‘ sandy cove’. In the 19th century, Portreath was one of the main ports for sending the copper ore mined in the area to Swansea for smelting.
Starting from Harbour Terrace on the harbour side in Portreath cycle along the Tramway
Trail which starts in the middle of the trees on the opposite side of the road to the harbour. Along the route follow the signs for The Tramway Trail.

The first section of the trail takes you up along through the hedges on either side of the trail which seem to form a natural tunnel as you head towards Wheal Rose. At Wheal Rose the trail bends and takes you along past Scorrier. From here you start to pass through some of Cornwall’s historic mining areas and you can see granite waymarks with the mining shaft names marked on them.

As you cycle along the trail is uneven in places and takes you through Unity Woods. After the woods the trail takes you through the Poldice valley which was once the richest square mile in the whole world. As you cycle along you will see the old Arsenic works which is being restored.
Whilst in Poldice take a while to explore the nearby mountain bike trails which are said to be some of the finest off road trails in Cornwall.
Following the Carnon River through Twelveheads and on to Bissoe where the arsenic works are still standing. Many local people tell stories how the Germans bombed the Arsenic works in the second world war , the arsenic works had been closed for many years but Hitler didn’t know that.
After Bissoe the trail passes under Brunels Stumps and the replacement viaduct and onto the old port at Devoran which is approximately 2 miles from Bissoe .
Devoran once had an important role in the tin and copper mining industry. It developed in to a small port exporting mined minerals