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John Tiernan-Locke

Drive (film), rare steak, Burrator, Diet Coke, Fizik saddles, rough towels, Joy Division, granite stone, the smell of a shotgun, the sound of a V8, new socks, black socks, Castelli gabbas, no gloves, fresh basil, Mothecombe beach, Old Speckled Hen ale, Foo Fighters, fish & chips, waking up before the alarm, Mapei team kit, Colnago, tailwinds, Hayley (girlfriend), new cables, a sun tan, Campagnolo, Orange & Marscapone ice cream form Roskilly’s, politeness, valve amps, True Romance (film), leather bound books, pizza, Range Rover seats, New Order, scallops, Swisstop pads, Chardonnay, Oakley glasses, the Tamar valley, dirt jumps, café stops, Old maps, the National Trust, Anglepoise lamps, motorbikes, festivals, The Pixies, Bob Dylan, Zipp wheels, Chesterfield sofas, trackstands at the lights, Limonata, punctuality, The Guest (film), ticking off notes, rounding up training hours, Bose headphones, chewing gum, Guns N’ Roses, freshly cut grass, Chelsea boots, olives, leather jackets, Levi’s, Indian summers, a party, clean shaven legs, Nike trainers, History (of everything), Tobasco, Watches, power tools, hardback books, log fires, the cold side of the pillow, grippy bartape, tight armwarmers, winning, a long shower after a freezing ride, Daphne Pug & Betty the Shichi.


It’s almost 2016 and finally I can allow my mind to wander again whilst out training...just over two years since I last raced and I find myself once again planning my off season. However, this time it’s different


For 2016 our aim is to create a platform…something not pigeon holed by it’s title or limited by it’s geography. southwestEDGE will launch via myself, Jonathan Tiernan-Locke, and Richard Pascoe of Bike Chain. Our aim is to provide our partners with brand exposure across a spectrum of road cycling disciplines from the Premier calendar road series to the most popular sportives. As a previous winner of Premier calendar races as well as major international events, I recognize the value of these results in terms of the influence they have on the British cycling community. Not just through the usual web, social and printed media, but through actively engaging with fans on organized rides and demo evenings etc. Becoming a partner of southwestEDGE means gaining access to one of country’s top riders as well as a support network including professional writing and photography by Adam Pedley, option for a dedicated Pro shop at Bike Chain, presence at major sportives, and the option for appearance days at industry shows. It also means founding a junior academy with us; a place for those not invited to ride on the BC program to develop into aspiring professionals and provide a stepping stone to their first Continental level team.


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