BBC Radio Cornwall interview - 100 healthy days and Bike Chain Ricci

  • Sunday 5th July 2015

On Wednesday 1st July I was interview by David White on BBC Radio Cornwall about my blogging. To listen to the full interview, skip to 1 hour 12 minutes here.

In the interview I talk about my 100 healthy day challenge. I talk about my eating philosophy and following the 80/20 rules. I discuss how I wanted the original 100 days to be the start of a whole life change. Then I get onto the interesting stuff - EXERCISE!

Me: Exercise is crucially important. I always advocate 80/20 rules and finding exercise that you genuinely love and enjoy. So It's not - I'll try that for 2 weeks and then give up. I found that!

David: What did you find?

Me: I found CYCLING!

I was given a bike and that was the turning point for me. Because it is low impact and I had an ankle injury, as soon as I discovered cycling - it was just a lightbulb moment! I could get out there and do something that I loved. I wasn't going to give up on it. It's so important to find the exercise for you.

David: And beautiful scenery obviously

Me: Oh yeah, I'm so lucky to live in Cornwall.Obviously moving down here was a hige factor in my 100 healthy days - just being able to get outdoors and get moving!

David: And what about those hills?!

Me: The hills are difficult! I have just signed up for my biggest challenge. Ride London is 100 miles so I am justoverwhelmed at the moment by that. I have justover 5 weeks to train

David: Are paniocking and out on the road as much as you can?

Me: I'm getting there. I was put in touch with a guy Ricci who runs Bike Chain in Redrut

h and he has been helping me with with a road bike and training. I'm just taking it one day at a time! Trying not to get overwhelmed by that 100 mile