Chamois Cream - Her' Butter yourself up

  • Saturday 31st October 2015


I think a lot of beginner cyclists possibly learn the “chamois cream” lesson the hard way!

Believe me a good pair of padded shorts are a necessary best friend on a long bike ride or if you are cycling regularly…

…but your BFF (Best Friend Forever) is a lovely tub of chamois cream.

Learning how to use clipless pedals often involves falling off a few times. You only need to learn the importance of chamois cream by forgetting to apply and heading out on a long ride on the saddle.

By forgetting to butter yourself up before a long bike ride, the lesson is QUICKLY learnt!

To stay comfortable and protect your bits, be able to cycle faster, further, a good chamois cream that agrees with you is CRUCIAL.

Unless ‘saddle sore’ ‘chafing’ ‘friction’ ‘irritation’ or even ‘abscess’ sound like fun to you, grab that chamois cream!

I have tried a number of chamois creams but Her’ Chamois Butt’r is my favourite. It is PH balanced for women and in their own words is “a non-greasy skin lubricant developed by cyclists for use with all chamois. It immediately improves riding comfort and soothes already chafed or irritated skin.”

I concur! I have been cycling longer and longer distances since training for Ride London 100. Her’ Chamois Butt’r is an essential part of my kit bag.

Buy it now at Bike Chain Ricci and butter up your bits before you get on your bike!

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