Euskaltel Euskadi saved by Fernando Alonso

  • Tuesday 3rd September 2013

Former Formula 1 world champion Fernando Alonso has agreed to buy the Euskaltel Euskadi cycling team

"Fernando Alonso, aware of the current situation of Spanish cycling and knowledgeable about the sad news of the ultimate demise of the Euskaltel Euskadi team, decided to inquire about the status of the Basque side in order to assess their acquisition and ensure the continuity of this project. After several days of intense negotiations between both parties, led, moreover, with the utmost discretion, we are pleased to announce that the Spanish athlete has reached a tentative agreement to buy the equipment cyclist and thus avoid their disappearance .

The interest in cycling's double world champion Formula 1 is well known, in addition to taking the sport as a daily routine in their physical preparedness plans, the Spaniard has a passion for this unique world of two wheels. The Spanish pilot adopted very young the values conveyed this sport, values that are part of his philosophy of personal and professional life and thanks to those who have been able to grow up to reap the successes are there in sport.

Transparency and zero tolerance, the pillars of the new project.

Illusion, seriousness, sacrifice, evolution and transparency are the words on this team will lay its foundations. Alonso is excited by joining actively in cycling and to contribute as much as possible in improving the image of the sport. Transparency and "zero tolerance" will therefore be the pillars on which this exciting project will build sports.

Continuity. Transition. Internationality.

The new team will respect the contracts of runners who are currently on the payroll in the Euskaltel Euskadi in the 2014 and 2015 seasons. The desire is to continue and grow slowly, incorporating the names of the best cyclists in the peloton to its ranks in order to make a moderate transition to an international project that medium to long term is the firm intention of becoming a benchmark worldwide.

Thanks to Euskaltel and Basque fans.

Fernando Alonso, aware of the current economic difficulties facing the sport in general, wants to show his enormous gratitude to Euskaltel for his involvement over the years and its commitment to the sport, converting the Orange team a symbol of international cycling. I would also like to acknowledge the willingness and goodwill of Euskaltel in the negotiations that have been carried out in a discreet and friendly in order to save the project. The Spanish rider is grateful to the fans turn Basque at all times, and despite the difficulties, has remained close to his team. A hobby to which Fernando would like to order to continue to support this new project with the usual passion that comes transmitting their brokers.


From today we started working around the clock to, from humility and maximum effort, and translating the best of our professional experience, be able to reach the first tests of the 2014 season with a new team, full of hope and with enormous will to fight."