• Wednesday 1st July 2015

I’m Sophie and I will be writing blog posts for Bike Chain Ricci alongside my personal blog I began writing about health and fitness in order to make some positive changes in my own life. Now I hope to motivate others to do the same and here I will be talking about all things BICYCLES!

cycle kit

Ricci is passionate about creating a strong inclusive platform for enjoying cycling. His vision for the future focuses on shop and supported rides, clothing, sportive participation, racing, social and leisure cycling and events.

As a newbie to all things cycling, I will be writing from a female beginner’s perspective. I’m excited to learn about all aspects of cycling as a sport and a community. Having already spent some time at Bike Chain Ricci, it’s incredible to hear other peoples’ stories of their involvement in cycling and the shared enjoyment it creates.

me and ricci

Getting my first bike (as an adult) was a huge turning point in my life. For the last year I have been pottering around Cornwall on my Specialized hybrid bike. I fell in love with cycling, got fit, lost weight and competed in my first triathlon. I watched my brother cycle Ride London – a 100 mile sportive. I signed up to take part this year and was offered a place.

Fast-forward to present day and I was introduced to Ricci. He took me under his wing and helped me progress to the next stage of cycling. I am now on a stunning Trek Emonda carbon road bike and am training up for my first HUGE cycling challenge. It's only 100 miles and 25,000 cyclists! I have 5 weeks to train! #nervous #excited #nervous

As cycling goes, I am probably the best kind of student. I am a complete beginner who has fallen in love with the sport, and wants to learn EVERYTHING there is to know. So blogging is a great way to share my journey and everything I learn along the way.

learning to ride

I haven’t been able to find a feeling that compares to the way cycling makes me feel. Zooming through the countryside on 2 wheels is where I have found my happy place. Cycling makes me feel alive! If you want to read more about my cycling story, read here.

So, I guess that explains the idea of the blog. I am proud to be a part of this growing cycling community and excited for future plans. Watch this space!