Le Col Ladies Waist Shorts

  • Friday 3rd July 2015

Today I’m writing a review of a product that has made me very happy on long bike rides recently.

Le Col Ladies Waist shorts 

le col shorts front

I am currently training for RideLondon which is 100 mile sportive on 2nd August. That means lots of hours on the saddle and that is why I am so grateful for my Le Col Ladies Waist Shorts. I only have 4 weeks to go so anything to boost my confidence makes me happy. The right bike is important, but so are the right clothes!

I hadn’t heard of Le Col before so I did a little research. The clothing line has been developed by Yanto Barker, a professional cyclist himself. It is an upmarket cycling brand that prides itself on high quality clothing and attention to detail. They take great pride in the development process, using the most up to date technology and fabrics.

And my goodness you can tell they have done their research. These shorts slipped on and fitted perfectly. As a UK size 10/12 I found the Large size a great fit. Now I feel the part as well as look the part! And of course, what about comfort?

Look the part!

The branding of the shorts is subtle (and makes me feel a bit more like a pro!)  The black and white colour means that the shorts will match with all sorts. They match especially well with my black, white and pink Trek Emonda road bike. Le Col is stitched cheekily just above the bum and features on the leg grippers too. I like the length of the shorts as the elasticated leg grippers are positioned where they don’t pinch the legs in unflatteringly.

shorts back

Feel the part!

The nylon/lycra material feels smooth and luxurious (and reflects the high quality of the brand.)

The seams of the short and the high waistband make the shorts surprisingly flattering as cycling shorts go. Most importantly, the soft, high waistband holds the shorts firmly and comfortably in the right position.

cycle uphill le col

Other cycling shorts I have tried without bib straps tend to fall down, exposing my lower back to the elements, and shifting the pad into the wrong position. There is nothing worse than cycling along whilst trying to hitch up your shorts. Or even worse the pad shifting too low and actually getting caught on the saddle as you move on and off it! These Le Col shorts fit beautifully as the high waistline holds the shorts firmly in the correct position with the pad sitting precisely where it should on the saddle.

behind le col

Finally I move onto the all-important COMFORT factor. The gel chamois looks quite chunky, but as soon as the shorts are on, the pad sits unobtrusively. I tested the pad out with a 4 hour ride and was really pleased with how comfortable the shorts felt. There was no chaffing or discomfort (especially because I had been warned you aren’t meant to wear underwear beneath the cycling shorts! Noted!) So the shorts get 10/10 from me. I look the part, I feel the part and best of all, I can get off the bike after a long ride and not have to walk like John Wayne in a Western movie.

uphill le col