New WSD Trek: meet Silque

  • Monday 28th April 2014

Silque is an all-new OCLV carbon women’s road bike, designed from the ground up to be the absolute best carbon road bike for women.

Smooth and powerful; Silque is an all-new women’s endurance road bike that provides the perfect balance of smooth and powerful performance for female road riders the world over. Each bike is equipped with the World Tour-proven Isospeed decoupler, doubling vertical compliance and improving overall performance.

The perfect fit. Designed to set the absolute standard in women’s cycling, Silque borrows from Trek’s proven geometry innovations by offering the best fit for female riders. The women’s size-specific custom Ride Tuned OCLV Carbon frame puts the rider in a position of power with a faster and more stable ride.

Silque: all new endurance bike from Trek 

Who should buy this bike? Silque is designed for any woman who loves to ride: racers, fun seekers, adventurers, and everyone in between. It features OCLV Carbon construction, WSD ride-tuned frame shapes, Tubeless Ready wheels, WSD specific geometry, flawless shifting, and the smoothest ride available. There simply is no better ride than Silque.

What’s this about the WSD ride-tuned tube shapes? Let’s face it: women and men are built differently. After a full study with Carmichael Training Systems, we designed the Silque frame tubes to the suit the body mass and power output of women, and then further tuned these shapes specifically by frame size. The result is a frame with unparalleled ride quality and maximum compliance for women of all sizes. Furthermore, thanks to the smaller and lighter tube shapes, we were able to shave some weight when compared to the Domane WSD frames—a staggering 120 grams on average!

What is Carmichael Training Systems (CTS), and what did we learn?CTS is the premier destination for coaching, training camps, and performance testing. With their help, we conducted a comprehensive study that compared training data between men and women all over the world. We found that men and women who ride the same size bikes, on average, had notably different power outputs and different body masses. Using exact measurements, we were able to design Silque specifically for women by taking material out for a substantially lighter and better-riding machine.

Is the frame design on Silque really size-specific? Yes! Thanks to the training data in collaboration with CTS, we engineered a size-specific frame design, tuned for the intended rider’s power output and weight to provide the perfect balance of smoothness and power. How do we know it worked? Over the past two years we've tested Silque against the top competitors in the industry. Results: Silque reigns supreme. Domane WSD comes in second—and the rest can’t even compare.

What is the IsoSpeed Decoupler? Rough roads are simply no match for IsoSpeed technology. Our innovative decoupler isolates the seat tube from the rest of the frame, ultimately doubling vertical compliance compared to the next closest competitor—so you ride stronger, longer. With Silque, we've taken this successful and proven technology and refined it for women riders.

Trek Silque ISO speed

IsoSpeed decoupler

Does Silque feature new geometry? Absolutely. Feedback of women around the world tells us that the Domane WSD endurance geometry is a big hit, but we wanted to improve on it for this new platform. Compared to the previous endurance geometry, the new WSD Geometry has less BB drop, shorter chainstays, shorter wheelbase, less offset and greater trail on the fork. What does all this mean? Months of rider testing confirms that the all-new Silque offers the rider quicker and sharper handling than the Domane WSD, yet puts sets their posture for greater shoulder and neck comfort.

What makes Silque the best-shifting bike in its class? We start with the drivetrain itself. The entire Silque lineup uses complete Shimano drivetrains, the industry standard for confident and reliable shifting. We integrate an elegant, lightweight 3S chain keeper into the frame to eliminate chain drops. We use internal cable routing for cleaner lines, cleaner running, and smoother shifting. To further minimize cable contamination, we even give Silque a weather-sealed bottom bracket cable guide. It all adds up to a bike that lets you enjoy the ride rather than worry about the shifting.

Do these bikes really have complete Shimano gruppos? They sure do. It’s important to note that from the Silque S model and up, we use complete matching gruppos, down to the brakes, cassette, and even the chain. No other bike in this class offers that.

What parts of Silque are women’s specific? Let’s be clear: Silque is designed from the ground up by women, for women.

  • The OCLV Carbon frame tubes are individually shaped for a woman’s power output and weight, making it optimally compliant and 120 grams lighter than the outgoing Domane WSD.
  • All-new WSD Geometry gives confident, sharp handling while improving shoulder and neck comfort.
  • Bontrager handlebars are sized specifically for women's shoulders.
  • Class-leading Shimano drivetrains are the industry standard for reliable and confident shifting, with the perfect gearing to match.
  • Bontrager WSD saddles are the best women’s solution on the market.