Past/Present/Future cycling goals

  • Saturday 31st October 2015

I feel like I have come a long way since my first post in July! I have ticked off a lot of my goals for 2015. Many a Sunday morning have I spent setting my alarm for an insanely early hour and loading my bike and kit into my car.


Training for Ride London helped to build up my fitness and learn how to ride in a group and in a sportive scenario. I never thought I would be fit enough to cycle 100 miles so it was a huge landmark.

Since then I feel my cycling has gone from strength to strength and I am gaining confidence. This is only thanks to getting out and about on my bike as much as possible and getting lots of advice from much more experienced cyclists.

lands end

I have enjoyed social rides and sportives. The Coast and Clay sportive was brilliantly organised, well sign posted and amazingly hilly! Lands End 100 was equally good fun. I should have probably challenged myself to cycle the 100 miles but I decided to enjoy 100km with some of the lovely ladies I cycle with.


I have also competed in a couple of triathlons and achieved major personal bests! At St Ives triathlon, I beat last year’s time by nine minutes. I proved to myself that with more training, I could potentially achieve great things.

bike lands endtri

So I’m looking forward to training over the winter and considering my cycling goals for next year. I am keen to continue with triathlon and am considering Olympic distance or half ironman distance.Thinking ahead to 2016,  I have signed up to four training sessions at a velodrome and Dartmoor Classic sportive. As for cycling competitively, watch this space!