Eric Moore: A Tribute

  • Sunday 23rd June 2013

The passing of Eric Moore is a sad occasion for friends and family, he was a a wonderful person and one who so many people owe a debt of gratitude.
Reflecting on a good man and friend I would like to honour and celebrate his life, with particular reference to his contribution to cycling.
Eric's contribution to cycling in the South West cannot be under estimated. He was a member of West Cornwall C.C prior to the Second World War, and during his time serving in Egypt with the RAF he organised races in Egypt with the bully beef boys, it is these men that brought cycling back to the UK after the war. They rode on any kind of bikes they could liberate. Their passion and willingness to promote races meant more people could participate in cycling.

eric moore RIP
Eric was instrumental at getting West Cornwall to be a major force in the south west, he helped encourage, listen, push and feed all cyclists in the area.
Riding fixed wheel Eric would always build and maintain anyone's bike, he was an accomplished time trialist and won countless races at 25, 50 and 100 miles.
This was done on fixed wheel, with only a banana as race food and often sleeping in the car the night before a race, no modern scientific methods .
In the 1970's he took me on rides and pushed and encouraged me to enjoy riding, he was a founding member of the Kernow Cycling Club, he was 50 years of age but still one of the fastest men in the county.
During the 1980's he continued riding and helped keep Cornish cycling alive, the young generation he helped had started doing well all over the country, he would wait for our return wanting reports of the races and performances.
In the 1990's Radio Cornwall featured him as he rode all over the county spreading a good word about cycling, the common theme was Eric' s generosity with his time.
His weekly visits to us bringing cakes, and good humour were common through his 80 years of age, it's this contact and willingness to put himself out that we shall remember.
He always shared advice, and was often to keen to give away his cakes to any cyclist who would have them, we loved them at work, and his legacy would be that he was the substance that held many people, organisations and his family together.

Our condolonces go out to all his friends and family.


Rest in Peace Eric.

From Ricci and all the Staff at Bike Chain.