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Past/Present/Future cycling goals

31st October 2015 0 Comments

I feel like I have come a long way since my first post in July! I have ticked off a lot of my goals for 2015. Many a Sunday morning have I spent setting my alarm for an insanely early hour and loading my bike and kit into my car.


Training for Ride London helped to...

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Chamois Cream - Her' Butter yourself up

31st October 2015 0 Comments


I think a lot of beginner cyclists possibly learn the “chamois cream” lesson the hard way!

Believe me a good pair of padded shorts are a necessary best friend on a long bike ride or if you are cycling regularly…

…but your BFF (Best Friend...

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Exeter Wheelers Escot Cyclo Cross Race

19th October 2015 0 Comments

Exeter Wheelers Escot Cyclo Cross was my first experience of a proper CX race! So. Much. Fun. Got myself gridded reasonably up the front for the start and held position, amidst the absolute madness of a CX start, for half a lap then slowly haemorrhaged positions due to my late luncheon of Moroccan vegetable cous-cous wanting to make a reappearance.

The effort of the start slowed...

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So I turned 44 years of age in October 2014, feeling overweight, unfit and generally stuck in a rut, I started to think back to when I was much younger & living in Essex and how I loved to get out on my road bike. The time was right to give myself a kick up the backside and do something more active.

I am not...

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A Silly-SIDI story

3rd October 2015 0 Comments

With SIDI due to arrive in store soon, we have some stories to share from past SIDI wearers.....

2012, I was doing my normal amount of touring/training, with a regular visit to Newport velodrome on a Friday. That's when the Vets have quite a good three hour training session, right up my street, building up for another crack at the points/distance 'masters world track champs'. All was...

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A Few Reasons to Cycle in Cornwall

21st September 2015 0 Comments

1. Scenery like this...


2. and this...

scenery 1

3. and then this...

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Cannondale Super X

14th September 2015 0 Comments

What an amazing bike for a brilliant price point in 2015 specification.

I must start this review with a confession, ever since I rode my first Aluminium F600 Cannondale MTB I fell in love with the brand. The quality and design innovation they brought to the market place was second to none.

Cannondale brand might not carry the same...

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Garmin / Strava Live segments

6th September 2015 0 Comments

After months of looking forward to testing out the latest Garmin/Strava software, I got to test it out today up in North Wales on a short trip to see the outlaws. Chris Bonner, who I aptly named 'Dr Garmin', got it set up remotely for me and talked me through how to 'load' specific targeted segments onto it. It then informed me when I was close to the start (see image below) and kept me...

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Trek Emonda - A picture paints a thousand words

trek emonda


Photos taken at Hell's Mouth, Cornwall

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bike buckingham palace

So I did it! From zero miles on a road bike to one hundred miles on a road bike in five weeks of training. I have lots of people to thank but I couldn't have done it without Ricci and everyone at BCR. Walking into Bike Chain Ricci...

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Once you switch to clipless pedals, you’ll never go back. Maybe that’s a bold statement but, from my own experience and chatting to many other cyclists, it’s a reality. Now I’m clipped into my Look pedals, I’m a ‘proper’ cyclist so there is no going back. Despite (and because of) everything you read below, I would encourage all cyclists to make the...

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I have always been somewhat of a solo cyclist.

There are advantages to cycling on your own. You get to make all the decisions. You decide what time to go. You decide how far and how fast you cycle. You decide whether or not to stop for coffee and cake. If you’re feeling great, you can hit a fast pace or go those extra miles. If you’re feeling rubbish and Wimbledon is on...

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On Wednesday 1st July I was interview by David White on BBC Radio Cornwall about my blogging. To listen to the full interview, skip to 1 hour 12 minutes here.

In the interview I talk about my 100 healthy day challenge. I talk about my eating philosophy and...

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Le Col Sport Ladies Short Sleeve Jersey

4th July 2015 0 Comments

No exaggeration, this top is perhaps my all-time favourite addition to my wardrobe. The Le Col short sleeve jersey fits and feels like a dream.

cycle uphill

The fit is snug and as a UK 10/12 I opted for the XL – mostly because I am quite tall and wanted the extra...

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Le Col Ladies Waist Shorts

3rd July 2015 0 Comments

Today I’m writing a review of a product that has made me very happy on long bike rides recently.

Le Col Ladies Waist shorts 

le col shorts front

I am currently training for RideLondon which is 100 mile sportive on 2nd August. That means...

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What do you do when you come home from a 5 month trip abroad and realise you only have 5 weeks to train for your first 100 mile cycling sportive?

You panic!

Panic a little bit more.

Panic some more.

Then take a deep breath and ask someone for help!

I was a bit apprehensive when I...

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1st July 2015 0 Comments

I’m Sophie and I will be writing blog posts for Bike Chain Ricci alongside my personal blog I began writing about health and fitness in order to make some positive changes in my own life. Now I hope to motivate others to do the same and here I will be talking about all things...

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