A Silly-SIDI story

  • Saturday 3rd October 2015

With SIDI due to arrive in store soon, we have some stories to share from past SIDI wearers.....

2012, I was doing my normal amount of touring/training, with a regular visit to Newport velodrome on a Friday. That's when the Vets have quite a good three hour training session, right up my street, building up for another crack at the points/distance 'masters world track champs'. All was going well and then I received an invite to ride a session with the 'Bush' team for a motor paced evening,. Really excited about this, we don't get that many opportunities to get the bike out.   Although retired, I had been doing a bit of part time work 'bikeability', teaching children how to advance from pavements to road on bikes I knew that it would be a bit of a rush so I packed my race kit the night before.   When you get a bit older, you will realise that it's better to get packed at the last minute, with a list of all the bits you need, and tick them off as you pack.


Now I get to the shoes!

I have had a pair of the blue black & red Sidi shoes, size42,  since the late 80's, really with it those days, raced and trained in all weathers, and they served me well. I think the constant wetting/drying must have shrunk them a little and began to feel a bit tight. Not liking change, I then purchased an identical pair, size 43 and tried to keep them for best (no wetting).  The old pair got pushed to the bottom of the pile. Later, I loaned a young lad my 42's as he wanted to feel how good they felt, after a couple of weeks they came back and ended up on top of my pile of shoes. The day of the bike session, I hutled (70mph) down the M5, 100 miles from door to door, assembled my bike, got changed, went to the middle of the track and signed on. Then started pulling my shoes on - Yep, two right hand shoes ! There were about twenty riders there, all doing sly smiles when I asked if anyone had and spare shoes. I even phoned the local bike shop to see if he had any cheap shoes, but an extra £80 for one ride was not on the list. Only one way round it, I wore the tight 42 right hand shoe on my right foot, only hurt a bit, then put the slightly looser right hand 43 on my right foot! I never realised how much a shoe curves inwards towards the big toe, that hurt quite a bit more. I adjusted the shoe plate so my foot was facing the right direction and then had to remove the ratchet and strap so as to clear the crank, and fixed the shoe on with duct tape. sidi duct tape story

Had a really good work out behind the bike, right from the start I knew that my left knee was hurting a bit, so that week I took anti inflam. tablets and got away with it.  I even thought as I was hurtling round the corners, there may be a slight aerodynamic advantage, having both shoes curving in the direction of the corners.....don't tell Sky !


Post by Lance Ravenhill 


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