Exeter Wheelers Escot Cyclo Cross Race

  • Monday 19th October 2015

Exeter Wheelers Escot Cyclo Cross was my first experience of a proper CX race! So. Much. Fun. Got myself gridded reasonably up the front for the start and held position, amidst the absolute madness of a CX start, for half a lap then slowly haemorrhaged positions due to my late luncheon of Moroccan vegetable cous-cous wanting to make a reappearance.

The effort of the start slowed me down until I found place in the middle of the pack, which I held to the finish and managed to get faster and faster each lap, clawing back some lost time. Awesome event. Thanks for the help and advice Martin Smith, sorry for your punctures, someone needed to take photos.

Thanks again to Bikechain Ricci the shop, the people and our amazing customers. You're the best.

Next week St Austell. Lunch is not on the menu.


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