Garmin / Strava Live segments

  • Sunday 6th September 2015

After months of looking forward to testing out the latest Garmin/Strava software, I got to test it out today up in North Wales on a short trip to see the outlaws. Chris Bonner, who I aptly named 'Dr Garmin', got it set up remotely for me and talked me through how to 'load' specific targeted segments onto it. It then informed me when I was close to the start (see image below) and kept me informed of my progress.

garmin live demogarmin strava segments

Two attempts at one of my preloaded segments saw me bag the KOM, which I definitely wouldnt have got without the ahead/behind time progress indicator.

Great for training/motivation, love it!

For more info, contact Chris at Bikechain. or 01209 215787.

Review by Martin Smith

 garmin web banner

Garmin 520 intro from Garmin.

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