Training for RideLondon Part 1 – It all starts with a bike fit!

  • Thursday 2nd July 2015

What do you do when you come home from a 5 month trip abroad and realise you only have 5 weeks to train for your first 100 mile cycling sportive?

You panic!

Panic a little bit more.

Panic some more.

Then take a deep breath and ask someone for help!

I was a bit apprehensive when I walked into Ricci’s impressive bike shop, Bike Chain Ricci, in Redruth. It is a treasure trove of all things cycling – enough shiny, beautiful, dazzling bikes and equipment and kit to make my eyes pop out of their sockets. It’s a dreamland for anyone that has ever had any interest in bikes. With just my hybrid bike and no training for the last 5 months to my name, suddenly I felt a little out of my depth. I hadn’t even mastered the art of clip in shoes yet! Or even a solid understanding how the gears on a road bike work!

Ricci came to my rescue. His passion for cycling exudes out of his every pore and he got straight to work making me feel like anything was possible. Alongside Ian, a triathlon coach, the two of them got to work getting to know me as a cyclist, my story, my hopes for the future.  If I wanted to progress with my cycling, I needed the right bike and the right equipment. A good workman needs good tools after all.

Next came my Bike fit, starting from the feet up, measuring body parts, analysing the way I walk, I ride, my posture, everything. All the things necessary to make sure I got the perfect road bike for me. I was blown away by their knowledge and enthusiasm for the sport. I couldn’t help but get caught up in the excitement, feeling like I really could give this event and my cycling future my all. Ricci and some of his colleagues are also taking part in Ride London and they even offered to let me come training with them. There seemed to be nothing they couldn’t help me with!

Ricci is not just some guy that owns a cycling business and a bike shop. He has a genuine passion for cycling and wants to pass that on to people of all ability, age, shape and size. There really is something in cycling for everyone. Although Ricci also works with elite cyclists and successful athletes, he is also interested in the complete beginners, amongst which I still class myself. One of the best things about cycling is that it is such an inclusive sport! Up until now I have only ever cycled on my own or with a partner. I’m looking forward to cycling in groups and have agreed to go on BCR’s social rides. Now I just have to wait a couple of days for my beautiful Trek Emonda carbon road bike to arrive and it will be full speed ahead!

You can watch this all in action on YOUTUBE!