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Chamois Cream - Her' Butter yourself up

31st October 2015 0 Comments


I think a lot of beginner cyclists possibly learn the “chamois cream” lesson the hard way!

Believe me a good pair of padded shorts are a necessary best friend on a long bike ride or if you are cycling regularly…

…but your BFF (Best Friend...

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Cannondale Super X

14th September 2015 0 Comments

What an amazing bike for a brilliant price point in 2015 specification.

I must start this review with a confession, ever since I rode my first Aluminium F600 Cannondale MTB I fell in love with the brand. The quality and design innovation they brought to the market place was second to none.

Cannondale brand might not carry the same...

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Garmin / Strava Live segments

6th September 2015 0 Comments

After months of looking forward to testing out the latest Garmin/Strava software, I got to test it out today up in North Wales on a short trip to see the outlaws. Chris Bonner, who I aptly named 'Dr Garmin', got it set up remotely for me and talked me through how to 'load' specific targeted segments onto it. It then informed me when I was close to the start (see image below) and kept me...

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