Trek Custom

Bike Chain Ricci are proud to be an official Trek Project One dealer. As such, we are able to act as a gateway to providing you with your very own custom-built bike all the way from Waterloo, Wisconsin USA. 

It can often seem like a confusing process to people, so that is why we have created this section of our website to make it as clear as possible. Because after all, why would you want lack of information to stop you from getting your dream bike?

Step 1: Design Your Bike

Whether you are male or female, visit and let your creative skills loose on a bike of your choosing. With a mind-boggling choice of colours, designs and pre-set schemes, take as much time as you need until you are completely satisfied. You can also spec every component and accessory detail to your liking, from wheelsets and groupsets to bar tape and cable housing, or choose from one of Trek's pre-configured combinations.

Road models available: - Madone 7 Series  - Madone 6 Series  - Domane 6 series - Speed Concept 9 

MTB models available: - Fuel EX 9.9 29" SRAM/Shimano - Superfly FS 9.9 SL SRAM/Shimano - Superfly 9.9 SL SRAM/Shimano


Step 2: Finalise With Bike Chain Ricci



Once you have finished your design you will need to select your nearest Project One dealer, i.e. Bike Chain Ricci. Once you have selected us as your dealer, we will be in contact with you shortly either by email or telephone.
It is at this point that you will need to finalise your bike's technical specifications. As this can be quite complicated and personal to you we reccommend you visit us in-store - after all, their is no point in buying a custom-built bike that is the wrong size. Our experienced team members can help you chose the technical specifications of your bike, including such particulars as frame size, crank length and stem/handlebar size.


Step 3: The Waiting Game

Now comes the hardest part: waiting for your bike to arrive. Typical waiting times vary depending on the style of bike you have chosen, with Trek usually quoting waiting times between 4 weeks for standard/pre-set paint jobs and 6 weeks for a custom paint job. Be patient, these beautiful bikes are all hand-built at Trek's headquarters in Waterloo, Wisconsin USA  to the highest of standards - they are certainly worth the wait!


Step 4: Build it and They Will Come

We will be in contact with you once your new pride and joy has arrived. We will un-box it and build it, ensuring that it is up-and-running in working order. All you need to do is bring your cycling shoes, pedals and your legs, and we'll provide you with a professional bike fitting free of charge (usually worth up to £100).


Step 5: Enjoy!

We even have a Project One bike for sale at our store in Redruth as part of a One and All Cycling Youth Academy Offers scheme. Follow this link for your chance to be a part of Project One and grassroots cycling in the South West!

  Finally, here is a short video which shows the time and effort put in to every single Project One bike, only at Trek!