Wheal Jane Ltd


The Wheal Jane Group consists of five interrelated businesses; Wheal Jane Ltd,

Carnon Contracting, Wheal Jane Laboratory, Wheal Jane Consultancy and the

South Crofty Collection. Each of the businesses can work independently or in any

combination to provide a one stop shop consultancy and contracting service covering land,

property and construction. The South Crofty Collection is a unique craft business producing

jewellery and gifts made from Cornish tin.



Water Treatment Plant

The company provides services and facilities to the mine water treatment plant operated by Veolia Ltd on behalf of the Coal Authority and manages the storage of residue from the plant within the site. Wheal Jane Ltd has converted the...

Statutory and Legislatory Controls and Framework

The company ensures that all operations and activities at Wheal Jane meet European and UK legislation and fulfils all local planning conditions applied by Cornwall Council. Wheal Jane Ltd was the first business in the UK to complete all aspects...

Imported Material

Material imported to the site is re-used in embankment construction and for remediation purposes. This recycling activity ensures that the containment facility remains available to the water treatment plant long-term whilst progressively remediating the facility through reprofiling and landscaping of...

Wheal Jane Masterplan Projects

The Wheal Jane Masterplan is the company’s vision for the former mine site. Projects forming part of this plan have been progressed over the past few years, and those completed include the Baldhu Office development and landscaping of the site...

On Site Services

In managing the site the company is also able to provide services to the growing community of Earth Science businesses operating on the site as part of the Wheal Jane Masterplan. These services include electrical, mechanical, maintenance, landscaping and construction....

Community Support

The company supports the local community in several ways. We are always keen to showcase the work which is taking place on site and in doing so dispel the common belief that Wheal Jane is simply an abandoned mine site!...


The group plays a large part in the maintenance of the area, including solar farms, habitats, 

biodiversity, and natural waste management.